Artwork by Kaleb Belnap

Jessica Virgin, Managing Editor

The Sky Snow Club is the newest addition to the lengthy list Copper Hills Clubs has to offer. Founded by President, Caleb Lemon, Senior and Vice President, Ian Young, Senior over the summer of 2019, the Sky Snow Club’s main goal is to bring people with the same interest of snow sports together and build friendships within the group. 


Since this club is brand new, the logistics are still being adjusted to the needs of the group. A lack of snow has been prevalent this year and it’s been hard to get together and go somewhere close for skiing and snowboarding. However, they’re planning on meeting more often through the months of January and February.


Lemon said they built the club to be as “fee-free as possible.” However, they also registered the club as “non-curricular” and don’t teach any “educational lessons.” This means they can’t get any funding from Jordan School District. This makes it hard to go to any resorts, especially since seasonal passes are so expensive. Since it is a lot of money, and they know finances can be difficult during the holiday season, they’re making it optional to get a season pass.


Anyone can join the club, whether you’re a die-hard snowboarder, or this would be your first time putting on a pair of skis. Although it may be expensive, the friendships formed and the fun-filled times you’ll have is worth every penny. The club is also thinking about fundraising so that everyone in the club can go to as many ski-trips as possible. 


The club doesn’t plan on doing any competitions or big tournaments since the goal of the club is mainly to just ride the slopes with friends. Plus, avoiding competitions lowers the cost of participation and makes it more newbie-friendly for members of the club.


So far, the club has around 20-30 members and it’s a safe bet that they will get bigger through the years. There’s a lot of work to be done, but a lot has been put into making this club as worry-free and fun as possible. 


The benefits of this club are extensive, this could help kids with seasonal depression get out and have some fun with friends. Physical fitness is an important recipe for a happy and healthy student, a lot of the time during winter kids don’t get the level of activity they need being cooped up all winter. Also when you work out you get endorphins, endorphins make you feel energized and happy which could help a lot when it’s hard to go to school.


Everyone deserves a happy and lively winter, there’s no need to stay inside over winter break. There’s hope for those students who don’t like the winter season and gives them a chance to fall in love with Utah’s snow. If you think that this club sounds like the perfect fit for you, join today. Stay fun and have some great snowball fun this winter, Grizzlies!