Putting the Student in Student-Athlete

What it Takes to Become an All-State Athlete

Zachary Thorne, Business Manager

Every year and every season, seniors get the chance to be an Academic All-State Athlete. This is for seniors only because it is based on their cumulative high school grades. It is not very easy, so it is not something that a lot of athletes earn.


When a student-athlete applies to RegisterMyAthlete there are multiple requirements that they have to meet. They have to be a senior that is a varsity contributor. Then their current transcripts will be uploaded onto RegisterMyAthlete. GPA and ACT/SAT scores are then looked at. Their GPA is compared to ACT/SAT score on an index, so if you have a higher GPA your ACT score can be lower and vice versa.


This fall season, Copper Hills had 6 All-State athletes. These students worked incredibly hard throughout high school to get to where they are. These students are Paiten Langston for Volleyball, Dakota Buckner for Football, Megan Sorensen for Women’s Tennis, Brenden Brown for Men’s Cross Country, Taryn Pistorius for Women’s Cross Country and Mason Olson for Men’s Golf. 


This is such a huge accomplishment for these students. It is something to be very happy about, but it wasn’t too easy. Luckily, these students didn’t have to sell their souls. Brenden Brown said, “There was a lot of prioritization.” But at the end of the day, he still had free time. He dedicated a lot of his time for it, but in his own words, “Oh yeah, it was worth it.”