Budgeting in Highschool for Life:

Learn About the Importance of Budgeting in Your Everyday Life

Samantha Hooper, Social Media Manager

Budgeting is when you set a certain amount of money aside for each thing you need to do. It is an essential practice for people of all ages, from middle school all the way into late adulthood. With that being said, people of all ages could use some tips and motivation to budget. Although budgeting can sometimes be hard, it is a very good idea to learn how to do it in your teenage years. The ability to budget is a very useful tool in college, considering that college costs so much money. Lots of students and teachers at Copper Hills High School practice budgeting in their everyday lives. 


Junior, Aubry Jensen believes that budgeting is very important especially for students trying to prepare for their futures. Jensen practices budgeting by “deciding what items are needs and what items are wants.” This is a very important part of budgeting because it will help you decide where your money will be best spent. 


Although budgeting may come easy to some people, senior Shaela Crespin explains that she believes budgeting is very important, but she has had a very hard time doing it. This is the case for many people, budgeting isn’t an easy task and it takes a lot of control and motivation. Even though budgeting is hard, it is still something that every person should at least know how to do, even if they don’t practice it.


Multiple people at Copper Hills High School have chosen to not budget quite yet. Sophomore Saige Alves says, “Personally I don’t budget.” Although Alves doesn’t budget, she still believes it is a very important life skill and it is a good way to “stay smart about your money.” 


Even though highschool students don’t often practice budgeting it is still very important. According to the Business and Economics teacher at Copper Hills High School, Rob Willardson, “Budgeting is like a road map, you wouldn’t get in the car if you didn’t know where you were going.” Willardson not only believes budgeting is like a road map, he also believes your budget is always changing. Because Willardson believes budgeting is so important he does practice budgeting, he believes it is the “smart thing to do.” 


Overall, the majority of people believe budgeting is very important and it can help a lot in everyday life. Budgeting is a very useful skill for people of all ages and a needed thing for adulthood. Challenge yourself to practice budgeting to better prepare yourself for the future.