Wrestling Back Toward the Top


Tessa Chadwick

Joselyne Rangel, Staff Writer

Wrestling season has started and the Copper Hills team is working their way back to their previous, four years held, state championship place. The wrestlers are spending an extreme amount of time conditioning and training and they’re putting in hours of their own on top of regular practice. 


“I would say I spend about 4-5 hours a day practicing,” says five-year wrestler Kelton Murdoch, Junior. The tournaments will be very competitive this year with Copper Hills competing against schools like American Fork, Herriman, Bingham, and many others.


While the wrestlers didn’t go to a state championship last year, opting instead to work harder to better the abilities and tactics for every individual wrestler, this year they’re more prepared. “It would be great to make the top ten in the state this year,” says Junior, Ryan Bullough, who has been wrestling for six years and plans to continue to do so in college and maybe even earn a scholarship for it. 


While the wrestlers each prepare this season they also work hard to achieve the expectations set by their coaches. “Every wrestler is expected to be a good student and to give a good reputation,” explained Benjamin Bohne, Junior, who hopes the team is more involved and experienced this year. 


The team is very close and while they each have individual goals, like winning state champ or improving their own skills, they also hope to succeed as a team. “The whole team’s a family we spend so much time with each other and it’s always a fun time,” says Jaeden Fowers, Senior,  another team member who is also on his fifth year wrestling. The team is excited and mentioned that while they anticipate a good season it isn’t always about winning but having a genuine love and passion for the sport.