Igniting Hope for Grizzlies on the Edge


Hope Squad is an organization that is based on helping students who are struggling with suicide and mental health, and Copper Hills is one of the schools that has this source for its students. 


This organization was started by a man named Dr. Greg Hudnall in 2004 to help reduce suicides in Utah County. In 2004, Provo alone had 56 suicide attempts/threats and 8 hospitalizations. After seeing this struggle in teens, he decided to create this organization. Hope Squad is something that has spread all across the state with over 5,000 student members to help those in need. 

Copper Hills alone has about 75 members with 25 members from each grade. 


Hope Squad is used to help train teens to see signs of suicide and learn how to help them in a proper way. “You students know a lot more about who is struggling, and who’s okay, and what the real issues are,” said Mrs. van Putten. Mrs. van Putten is one of the few staff members who are over the club. Some of the other staff members include Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Edelman, Mrs. Strong, Mr. Redford, and Mrs. Campos. 


Hope Squad puts on big events like their annual hope walk. They also do small things like Welcome Wednesday. Every Wednesday, they will stand outside the door and welcome students into school with a hello, smile, and piece of candy to help start students’ day off right. The goal for Hope Squad this year is to be recognized by more students, so they can help anyone in need. They have many resources and many people to talk to if someone is struggling. 


Suicide is something that students may think of, but rarely bring up. As a Grizzly nation, students should be able to get the help they need, and Hope Squad is getting help to them. They aren’t like many clubs at this school, and they are hoping to have a big impact on the culture at Copper Hills.