On the Go Or Hibernating During the Snow

Is Staying Inside the New Favored Winter Activity?

Winter is either one of the most loved or hated seasons, there is usually no in between. Yes, it may be harder to plan activities during the winter because it is very cold, but they are still a lot of fun. Students at Copper Hills High School have a lot of unique winter options that they love to do, some of which are very out of the box and some that don’t even require leaving the house.


Senior Kolbee Hancuff says her favorite winter activity is going to Temple Square and seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights. Hancuff loves this activity because she gets to spend time with not only her close family but also her grandparents.  


A more unique activity is snowshoeing, Senior, Zach Thorne loves snowshoeing. Thorne says, “It’s like a hike but better and more unique.” Thorne enjoys going to Butterfield Canyon with his friends and family. One of his dreams is to snowshoe up to a peak then snowboard down it. 


Many Grizzlies simply prefer hibernation in the winter. A poll of 61 Copper Hills students was taken and the highest picked winter activity was staying inside at 41%. Snowboarding/skiing was next at 26%, sledding was 20% and ice skating was 13%. While these are some very generic activities, it is very interesting to see how many people enjoy staying inside. 


This poll could infer a lot of things, maybe that students love binge-watching Netflix, they are lazy, it is too cold outside or even more serious issues like season mental health problems. When Jessica Virgin was asked why she thinks 41% of students she said, “It could be seasonal depression, a big part of seasonal depression is isolating yourself because it is very hard to go outside because it is already cold, so why bother going outside at all.”


Our everyday preferences and the activities we enjoy doing, even in the winter, are what make us unique and interesting, and no matter what, the most important thing when participating in any activity is to always have fun. If you notice fellow Grizzlies opting to stay inside more often than not, check up on them and ask if they’re okay. Everyone deserves to smile and have a little fun in the winter.