When Mom and Dad Can’t Fulfill Santa’s Duties, Sub 4 Santa Steps In


Tyla Jensen, Staff Writer

Christmas time is the season of giving and receiving. People around the world wake up on Christmas to gifts under their tree. But what about those who don’t have the money to buy Christmas gifts? That is where “Sub 4 Santa” comes in. 


Sub 4 Santa helps many families around the world celebrate Christmas. One of the organizations that participate in the Sub 4 Santa community is Magna F.A.C.T.


F.A.C.T stands for “family, agencies, and communities together.” Magna F.A.C.T offers many services, but emphasize the Sub 4 Santa program around Christmas time.  Magna F.A.C.T’s Sub 4 Santa was started by Kathy Webb and her daughter, Britney Webb. Britney now runs the program with her friend, Chancy Piep.


The process of being approved for Sub 4 Santa starts with parents filling out an application. Once approved for the program, parents fill out a list of necessities for their children. The children then each fill out a “Dear Santa,” wishlist for Christmas. Webb and Piep then assign a family to those who are willing to participate in the Sub 4 Santa by fulfilling the children’s needs list and wishlist. 


They also make cards for their angel tree. The angel tree is where you pull a card off of a tree and you get the gifts on the card. There are all types of giving opportunities in this program. 


On Christmas day, gifts are delivered to the families. Parents that benefit from Sub 4 Santa get their needed essentials and their kids still get the special opportunity and joy of opening presents for Christmas.


 You can help out by donating to Magna F.A.C.T or volunteering by contacting 801-877-2852 or visiting their location at 9113 West 2700 South Magna Main Street. 


There are many other companies that offer the Sub for Santa program as well. Hey Grizzlies, fill this Christmas season by serving others!