Annual fundraiser at Copper Hills aiming to provide Christmas for local families in need


Paws 4 A Cause is an annual event where the student body and faculty and staff raises money to help provide Christmas gifts and other needs for our community. Our community consists of those already mentioned as well as alumni and any person or family living in the school’s boundaries.


During Paws 4 A Cause, Student Government goes around daily to collect money from students. There are also odd jobs after school, this is where a group of students go around multiple neighborhoods and ask if there is any kind of service that they can help with. The kids then explain that they are doing a fundraiser and are also providing service. “Oftentimes people donate (during Odd Jobs) and that has probably been the biggest increase in our money in the last couple of years,” said Mr. Adamson. 


The school also puts on other activities like Grizzlies Got Talent, where the tickets (cost of admission) goes to both attendance school credit and Paws 4 A Cause. Copper Hills also has Arctic Circle as a supporter, they donate proceeds to the school every time someone orders a Grizzly Shake from them. 


Smith’s MarketPlace helps CHHS by allowing 26 student government officers to help bag for them. Altogether, the officers serve for 240 hours on Black Friday.  Smiths will then donate some money back to the school. The officers also get and donate tips while in the process. 


Smith’s is also where most of the shopping will be done for the families and the grocery store makes it convenient for the school to go buy the clothes and things that we need for Paws for a Cause. 


All of the clubs at Copper Hills also do things during lunches and throughout the school day. They sell different products and when students buy them, the profit goes to Paws 4 A Cause. 

“The muffin man is really popular, it brings in the most as far as clubs are considered. But understand, not the whole dollar comes back to us because you’re still paying for the muffin. So it’s the proceeds for the muffin [that] come back to us. They are always our number one club, at least they have been for the seven years I’ve done it,” said Mr. Adamson, Student Government Advisor.


During Paws 4 A Cause CHHS sells a lot of food products but we also have some clubs that have other options, like lanyards, chopsticks, Copper Hills swag, ornaments, vinyl stickers, friendship bracelets, scrunchies, candy grams, the opportunity to go play with a puppy or bunny, and Christmas kisses for your crush. 


Some clubs are taking advantage of their talents and raising money based on those. The swim team is doing a swim-a-thon where spectators can donate a certain amount per lap they swim. 


The point of Paws 4 A Cause is to raise the money to help out our community, but also it gives kids an opportunity to do something that’s not about them. “I consider it [dual purposed]. They’re supporting people in our community but the joy that our students can have or the fulfillment they can have in their own hearts when they do service is a big reason why I think it is supported so well in school,” said Mr. Adamson.