Veteran’s Day

Jessica Virgin, Managing Editor

Veteran’s Day, it’s the time to honor all those that have served this country and risked their lives for the American people. It’s the time to remember all those who died trying to protect the precious things that make America what it is. Almost everybody knows someone who they can remember on this day. 


An event happening that you can attend to participate on this gracious day of honoring America’s heroes is an annual event going on up at the University of Utah, where particular veterans are honored. Utah Valley University, Weber State University, Salt Lake Community College, Dixie State University, Southern Utah University, among others, host similar events. 


Other special events surrounding Veteran’s Day are at places like the Logan American Festival Chorus and Orchestra, Washington County Veteran’s Day Parade, Magna Veteran’s Day Parade, Living Planet Aquarium, Hogle Zoo, National Parks, National History Museum, and even FatCats has specials for the day! There are so many ways you can go and participate with your community. However, one of the best ways is to spend this remembrance day is with your family and honor those who have laid down their lives for yours, so everyone can have a hopeful future.