Samantha Hooper, Social Media Manager

The week of Thanksgiving is always so exciting. You don’t have to go to a full week of school, you get to eat delicious food on Thanksgiving day then finally you spend all your money Black Friday shopping. Thanksgiving can be a time for people to show how thankful they are, or it can be a time for people to do whatever they want, personal opinion. Thanksgiving is a good time for people to reflect on their year and all the great things they have accomplished, even if that ends with buying a whole bunch of presents after. 

Not everybody loves Thanksgiving though, a lot of families spend time with their whole extended family and people don’t always love that. A lot of people love family time and also amazing food. Thanksgiving food is delicious and it makes a lot of people very happy. A lot of people love the turkey, pumpkin pie and even the stuffing. Sierra Mace, Senior, has one favorite: stuffing, while Hailey Mortensen, Senior, has three favorites turkey, mashed potatoes and pie. Some of Senior, Kolbee Hancuff’s favorites are rolls, turkey, and beans. 

Overall everybody loves or hates Thanksgiving for many different reasons, but it is still a Holiday people celebrate where they can eat delicious food and give thanks to all the amazing people and things in our lives. No matter how you spend Thanksgiving, or who you spend it with just remember to be happy and grateful.