Do People Celebrate Day of The Dead

Joselyne Rangel, Staff Writer

Even though Halloween is over now, the celebrations don’t stop, The Day of The Dead is a similar holiday that happened to be on November 2nd. This day exists to celebrate an ancestor’s life by making altars and remembering the life they lived. This comes along with the rest of the holiday perks including good food, music, and families coming together, but while it’s an extremely big holiday in other countries, how many people actually celebrate this holiday here in the US?


Many families have lost this tradition altogether because they don’t feel it would be as significant here as it would be in a place where it’s widely celebrated.

“We don’t do anything because we’re not in Mexico, like where we live right now surrounded by people who don’t share our culture, I don’t think it wouldn’t be as special and meaningful as if we were in Mexico surrounded by everyone else celebrating it too,” says Junior, Isabel Rascon.


On the other hand, many carry out tradition in their own way regardless of everything else.“My mom makes an altar and puts up pictures of family who passed away, she puts things they used to like and decorates the shrine. Me and my cousins go to Thanksgiving Point to the Day of the Dead Festival,” says Junior, Analia Lentz. Regardless of how many people celebrate it, Day of the Dead isn’t completely forgotten here and there’s plenty of festivals and other celebrations paying tribute to the day.