Christmas Too Soon?

Beth Brewster, Web Editor

Christmas is getting closer. Some people are already putting their decorations out, putting their elf or reindeer onesies on, and getting in the gift-giving mood. While others are metaphorically spraying those sweet Santa-aspiring spirits with water while protecting the noel-less November from the candy canes and Christmas carols.


When Is It Okay To Start Celebrating Christmas?


This has been a question that many have wondered but few agree on. So while people’s opinions will continue to vary, hopefully, this will give you some insight into where people generally stand in our school. No matter what you and your friends believe, there will always be someone who disagrees, but that is the wonderful part of living with such an inclusive culture like the one we have in our school.


Lucas Humphries

Before December is too early.


Ximena Borrayo

As soon as Thanksgiving ends.


Memphis Tanton

November 1st.


Seth Riehle

After Thanksgiving.


Elizabeth Clegg

Early as you want, it’s Christmas, why not. I have a tree in my living room all year round.


Amir Haywood

In December.


Brooklyn Powell

The day after Christmas.


Taryn Pistorius 

The day after Thanksgiving.


Alicia Summers

November 1st.


Kenyon Bischoff

The start of December.