Climate Change

Jenna Milner, News Editor

Climate change is a major controversial issue in today’s world, even at Copper Hills.  Humans have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the air by about 40 percent since the late 1700s, and as a result, the average temperature of Earth has increased by two degrees Fahrenheit. Though it might not sound like a lot, during the last ice age, the temperature only dropped about 5-9 degrees from the average. 


Storms, even snowstorms, are increased in severity due to the heating of our planet. Most storms are caused by a mixture of hot and cold air. Hot air rises, cold air sinks. It is a mixture of the two that creates storms. If there is more hot air rising, the storms become more severe. In addition, the polar ice caps are melting causing the endangerment of animals, rising ocean levels, and a further increase in temperature. Polar bears are the most endangered animals due to global warming. 


Many high school students across the world, like Greta Thunberg, are beginning to speak up for the future of their generation. There are ways for students and their families to help alter the fate of the planet. Decreasing the use of pesticides, limiting idling in vehicles, and recycling able materials are all examples of ways people can help keep the planet healthy. Using new, cleaner sources of energy like wind, solar, or water energy helps decrease the use of harmful fossil fuels, which in turn can decrease the amount of carbon dioxide humans give off. 


Climate change can be reduced, starting with the students at Copper Hills. The more people that work together, the more time our world will have to heal.