Is It Possible for Anyone to Become Famous?

Tyla Jensen, Staff Writer


Someone from a small town in the middle of nowhere in the Utah desert became famous. The somebody that became famous from a small town in the middle of nowhere is, the well known, Chrissy Teigen.


Chrissy Teigen is from a small town called Delta, Utah. Delta is a tiny Utah town with a small population. Chrissy made her debut by modeling and she is now writing award-winning books. She married the successful RnB singer, John Legend.     


So if Chrissy can go from unknown to well known, can any person do the same thing? Can anybody become famous and if so, how do they do that?


People can become famous instantly with the power of the internet. They can use social media and Youtube.


In the past, musicians had to send out cassette tape after cassette tape to a bunch of producers and even then the chance of them being found was very slim. But with the technology we have today, such asYoutube, anybody can post a singing video and become famous. Take Justin Bieber for example, he was found on Youtube by RnB singer, Usher and since then he has been a teen idol.  


Another way that you can become famous is through social media.


But I have a question. Can social media really make you famous? You can get likes on social media but I don’t think likes make you “famous.” People get likes for all kinds of reasons, whether it be for what they are wearing in a photo, what kind of places or people they tag, where they are, etc.  


The amount of likes that someone gets, gets to their head and they feel that they are the best. But in reality it just makes them look arrogant and narcissistic. Somebody who let the “fame” get to their head and has gotten in some scandals is James Charles. The makeup artist takes pride in being mature for his age but that arrogance has led him to lose a huge amount of his followers. 


In the end,  yes, anybody can be famous but, it really matters how much effort you put in.