The Sadies Tradition Continues at Copper Hills


Samantha Hooper, Social Media Manager

The History of Sadies 


Sadies is a dance that has been around for decades, your parents might call it Sadie Hawkins. Sadies is a girls’ choice dance that is very non-formal. There is a theme that is chosen then people will dress up according to the theme, it is very casual. Usually, for Sadies the girls will do the shopping because they are the ones that are in charge of planning. 


In 2017, the theme for Sadies was “Decades.” For this theme, people dressed up as a decade like the ’60s or the ’80s. The common outfit was the 80’s, everybody loves the 80’s.  This is a fun theme because it is a little throwback and it is so much fun trying to find clothes to dress up in.


In 2018, the theme for Sadies was “Disney.” For this theme, people dressed up as characters from Disney shows. The common outfit was Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This is a cool theme because it makes you remember all of the Disney characters that are out there because a lot of people get really creative with it. 


This year, in 2019, the theme for Sadies is “Dynamic Duo.” It was rumored for a while that the theme would be “Space,” but that one has been put to bed. This theme is going to be very exciting and interesting because there are a lot of options in the theme with Dynamic Duos. It will be fun to see how creative people get or to see if everyone decides to do the generic duos. 


Hailey Mortensen said. “I am not sure what my date and I are dressing up as yet, but I am so excited for the dance.” School dances are sometimes very last minute. Because Sadie’s is girls’ choice the girls have to do everything. Another Student, Sean Lucas, explained, “I’m not sure exactly what we are doing but I’m sure my date, Jenna Birrell and I will have a lot of fun.” Overall, the students love Sadie’s and most are looking forward to what is always a super fun experience.