Thanksgiving Looks


Jinda Kumpin, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving screams food and constantly trying to fix your clothes will ruin the fun Thanksgiving brings. 


Wearing something that is food happy allows you to eat as much as you desire and not have to think about what you’re wearing, or why you decided to wear something that makes you feel insecure.


Girls love to look pretty and will take any occasion to dress up. When dressing up for their Thanksgiving dinner they want to make sure they’re fashionable, but they tend to make the mistake of wearing something uncomfortable to acquire their look.


Some outfits you can wear to look cute and still be comfortable are, some black leggings, with an oversized neutral colored sweater, and some cute black rain boots. Another cute outfit for girls is a skirt, it doesn’t matter if it’s loose or tight, but you can pair it with a cute turtle neck, and some cute boots or high top sneakers. 


Boys also like to look good when going to occasions, but they tend to wear more comfortable classy outfits that could be both comfortable or uncomfortable. When they are styling their outfits for Thanksgiving they tend to like outfits that are a lot more comfortable.


A couple of outfits for boys are grey dress pants with a colored button-down tucked in and high top sneakers, for a more casual look. Another outfit for boys is dress pants or jeans with a flannel button-down and a sweater layered over the top, with some boots or dress shoes for a more classy look.


Copper Hills Junior, Faith Amin, says “I would probably wear a warm fila hoodie with light denim mom jeans, and for the shoes probably some white or cream converses.” Faith loves to be warm and comfy rather than be extra and super cold.


If you don’t mind wearing uncomfortable clothes for Thanksgiving then try changing it up with different colors or pairing your outfits with jewelry. With your outfits, make sure you can eat all the food you want while wearing them.