Black Friday Tips


Gearing up for the Madness of Black Friday

Samantha Hooper, Social Media Manager

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, Americans go shopping for a tradition we like to call Black Friday. Black Friday is a day where stores have all, if not most, of their items discounted so people can get ready for Christmas. In this article, I will give you some tips and tricks for Black Friday shopping. 


  1. Do Your Research Before Friday

Research all of the items on your list and find what stores have the best prices. For example, Target and Walmart might be selling the same product, but Walmart might be selling it for ten dollars cheaper than Target on Black Friday. Always research what stores have the lowest prices so you can get the best deals. 


  1. Go Thursday Night

Going on Thursday night will help you beat the crowds. Some stores will start their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving night. There are less people and you get first dibs on a lot of the items. Also, check online for the items you want, lots of stores will start their online discounts as early as the morning of Thanksgiving.


  1. Plan Your Shopping Trip

Always go into Black Friday with a plan. Know what stores you want to go to, what items you are looking for and what your budget is. If you know what stores you want to go to then you will spend less time thinking. If you also know the items you want, you can go straight to the aisle and get the item faster. 


  1. Shop With a Friend  

Shopping with a friend is always more fun. Not only is it more fun, but they can help you look for the items you want so you can find them more efficiently. Not only can they help you find it, but they can also go to different aisles so you can get through the whole store. 


  1. Dress Comfortably

Black Friday is in the colder months and it can be long and tiring. You wanna dress comfortably and make sure that you can stay comfy and warm. If you are uncomfortable in your clothes it can make Black Friday shopping very hard. 


Use these tips and your Black Friday shopping should be successful.