We Will Never Know Who Won – Dancing with the Stars Finals


Dancing with the Stars Finalists

Beth Brewster, Web Editor

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, people from all walks of life gathered in the auditorium for a show that would have their jaws dropped to the floor in awe. The Dancing with the Stars Final Round started with a performance by Copper Hills’ Performing Ballroom titled, “Are You Ready For It?” That dance was then followed by an intro and recap video. At that point, the hostess Robbin Probert introduced the acts for the night; Ms. Edelman and Andrew, Jason and Mandi, Ms. Oda and Parker, Guzz Guzz and Elizabeth, Mr. Matthews (subbing for Mr. Manning) and Lindsay, and Makayla and Juba.

Ms. Edelman said, “I think just seeing the connections formed between each group, like watching some of the students who had no idea who they were, most from different social groups, coming together, being unified, and showing how two people can become so connected in friendship was my favorite part of this experience.”

The judges all had a well amount of praise for each of the stars’ performances including “very fun!”, “WHAT?!”, “Everything was just perfect!”, and even “Just, wow! Too bad the score can’t go up to eleven!”

Along with all of the individual performances, there were also groups choreographed and performed by the students of Performing Ballroom.  After all of the performances, voting was open to the audience for five minutes before that totals of the judges and audience were tallied up and the announcing of the Mirror Ball Trophy commenced. 

The suspense that blanketed the silent room while everyone was waiting to know the winners was broken by the announcement of a .3 point difference between the 1st and 2nd place. The second place went to Makayla and Juba. First place was then announced as Guzz Guzz and Elizabeth. “It was an amazing feeling,” said Guzz Guzz and his partner Elizabeth, “We worked really hard for this so it’s really a great thing that we won.”


Winner Guzz Guzz and partner Elizabeth and Judges