International Men’s Day

Elisabeth Paradise, Arts and Entertainment Editor; Art Director

Today on the 19th of November is International Men’s Day.  The purpose of International Men’s Day is to raise awareness and money for health issues that affect men, recognize male role models, and to improve relationships between genders.  


Each year there is a new theme for International Men’s Day.  This year’s theme is, “making a difference for men and boys.”  This year’s theme specifically focuses on celebrating the positive male role models in our lives and the important role fathers play in the relationship with their children.  Today, it is encouraged that boys be taught the character traits, values, and responsibilities of a man. According to, “It is only when we all, both men and women, lead by example that we will create a fair and safe society which allows everyone the opportunity to prosper.”


If you’d like to celebrate International Men’s Day, you are encouraged to go to to learn how to run a community event or print out appreciation certificates for the important male role models in your lives.  Take the time today to wish everybody a happy International Men’s Day Grizzlies.