Opinion – Staying Safe tips for Scary Season


An example of what to avoid when out trick or treating Photo by Marshal McIff

Joselyne Rangel, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner, and it appears no one can contain the excitement that comes with it, from going out to parties, hanging out with your friends, or even going out to trick-or-treat. Staying safe has become more of a necessity at this time of year and with all the festivities approaching, there’s nothing more valuable than your safety. According to Alessandra Malito of MarketWatch, “October 31st may be one of the most dangerous days of the year. The average Halloween night results in more deaths than any other night of the year.” Whether it is the increase of people on the streets or being able to easily hide who you are behind a costume, the statistics show an immense increase in violence during this time of year. Here are some tips to help everyone stay safe. 


First, make sure your phone has sufficient battery life, you never know what circumstance you may be in when you need to make an emergency call. 


Second, always let a close and trusted friend know where you are or where you’re heading; it’s very important that someone has your location in case anything occurs. 


Third, never leave your drink unattended, it doesn’t matter what it is or where, if you do have to leave it behind, just get a new drink. An anonymous writer shared the following to the Dear Abby column in the Deseret News, “I had left my drink on the bar while I went to use the lady’s room, and when I came back, it tasted strange.  A fellow I had chatted with — and who coincidentally had offered to watch my drink — started asking me questions about how I felt and if I wanted a place to crash. Fortunately, two gentlemen came to my aid. They stayed by my side, talking to me, keeping me alert, calling a car service for me.” Fortunately for this woman, she had someone to look out for her but this doesn’t always happen.


An additional important tip is to be aware that when you walk by yourself at night, this puts you at risk for things that are sadly becoming more and more common.


There are many places trying to better everyone’s safety a good example would be a college campus many now have safety apps. According to tech journalist, Jessica Szekalski, “These safety-focused apps provide the tools and resources needed to stay safe.” Like these, there are many other additional apps out there not only for a school campus but for everyday life. You can download them to not only keep you safer but make you feel secure. Above all, make sure to have a good time and enjoy the plans you have and remember that these tips are not only for these festive times but for your daily life.