Opinion – Are You Too Old to Dress Up For Halloween?


Joselyne Rangel, Staff Writer

Are you too old to dress up for Halloween? As fall approaches Halloween arrives with it. It looks like everywhere you turn, the spirit of Halloween has begun from decorations being put up, plans being made, and parties being planned, including our very own Halloween dance. But how many of the students here at Copper Hills High School still dress up for this occasion? 


Fellow student Isabelle says`,“I think people dress up to post on social media or appear fun.” Social Media has obviously made a big difference in whether or not people dress up. Instagram, Snapchat and many other platforms give everyone an outlet to share what they’ve been doing and several take this opportunity to post an entertaining picture in their costumes while out with their friends. “I dressed up for a Halloween party last year with my family. We ended up winning best costume,” says Analia a student at Copper Hills. Getting invited to Halloween parties is a great opportunity to still dress up for the occasion and have fun with it. 


On the other hand, several think that dressing up is simply not worth it anymore, and can even be a little embarrassing. “Many teenagers don’t dress up because they think it’s lame or they don’t feel like it,” says Melissa another student here at Copper Hills.  At this age many have no interest in putting effort towards a costume and don’t feel the need to anymore. 


Copper Hills seems to be divided regarding who still wears costumes and who doesn’t, but regardless of what you choose to do this year, make sure to enjoy this time.