Opinion – Fall Essentials


Jinda Kumpin, Staff Writer

The weather is starting to get colder, which means your outfits are starting to change. One of my fall clothing essentials is sweaters. You can wear a sweater with jeans, a skirt, or wear an oversized sweater with tights and boots for a cute and warm classy look. Sweaters can be worn as a classy dressed-up look, or a lazy, too-tired-to-do-anything look. 


Boots are another clothing essential for fall. Boots can dress up any outfit to make it look a little more put together. You can pair any outfit with a pointed toe boot, open toe boot, round toe, or any kind of leather boot. Boots add texture to your outfits making your outfits look more thought out.


Turtle necks are always a go to for any fall outfit. They will keep you warm, and they go with anything. Turtle necks are a simple casual piece of clothing that you can dress up or down with. You can wear turtle necks under other shirts to layer and add definition to your outfits.


Michael Hernandez, former student of Copper Hills High School, has one fall essential. He believes that you need at least one pair of dark colored jeans to go along with the season. Michael states, “You can’t be popping in fall with light blue jeans because you’ll look like you came back from Hawaii.” With dark colored jeans you can wear and style them with almost everything, so I think it’s a good piece to have in your closet.


Since fall is not too hot, and kind of cool, it is a good time to experiment with different styles, and also a good time to layer your clothes. Fall also has some really cute warm colors you can style together like, maroon, yellow, brown, black, or even a dark olive green. In the end, remember to stay warm this fall with your cute fall style.