The Rivalry – Bingham v. Copper Hills Football Game

Jessica Virgin, Managing Editor

The Yankees and the Red Socks, the Celtics and the Lakers, Michigan and Ohio State, Copper Hills and Bingham High School; some of the nastiest rivalries known to mankind. The turnout is always something to be acknowledged when two enemies go face to face, Copper Hills and Bingham not being an exception, given the fact that it’s just high school sports. Whenever the schools face off students are eager to fill the bleachers and prove to the other school that they are the best. Whether it be for competitions in basketball, football, or drill,  the students of CH show up just for the fun of the feud. 

As this year’s regular football season came to a close, Copper Hills went out with a bang and a half by going against Bingham High School. Granted, the fact that Bingham is better than Copper Hills at football, they never compare to the student support Copper Hills gets. Emily Jensen, a Senior from Copper Hills, said, “we still showed up with a better student section.” 

Bingham may have a better football team, as proved this past game when they defeated Copper Hills with a score of 35 – 0, we beat them in plenty of other things. Bingham Drill, for one example, has been losing to our Azurettes for the past seven years. Not to mention other sports like basketball, lacrosse, and soccer along with the academic and art departments like debate and choir. 

Although the Copper Hills football team lost to the Miners, we can’t ignore the immense progress and success they’ve had this year. Last year, they finally broke the losing streak and this year they surprised everyone with not one, but four winning games this season. This can only promise good things for the next season. With hard-working coaches and players, Copper Hills can be expecting great things for future seasons. 

What can be said about this football season and rivalry game with Bingham is that Copper Hills sure has spirit and pride. The season was filled with good memories and good times. Students love coming to the football games and cheering with all of their grizzly might. Football games are always something to look back on and smile.

If you ask any senior or high school graduate for advice with high school, most will tell you to get involved with school events and teams, and boy do CH students get involved. In fact, the amount of support and love each student brings to this school and every team found in it cannot be overlooked and cannot be compared. Even alumni still have the cheers memorized and know every word to the school hymn. As this year’s seniors look forward to graduating and joining those alumni, they hold to the memories they made this football season and hold the saying, “once a grizzly, always a grizzly,” close to their heart.