High School and Middle School Collaboration

Hailey Winn, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, October 17, 2019, West Hills Middle School (WHMS), Sunset Ridge Middle School (SRMS), Copper Hills High School (CHHS) choirs all gathered in the auditorium to share a night of song. This event happens every October and helps middle school kids feel more comfortable with the high school choirs. 

During the event, the Madrigals, Colla Voce (SMRS), Mixed Choir (WHMS), Rhapsody (SMRS), and Concert Choir (CHHS) all performed. Mrs. Rodgers, the choir teacher at Sunset Ridge Middle School (SMRS), explained that “Seeing what other kids their age are doing and seeing what they can accomplish in the future [benefits the middle school kids].” While the middle school kids got to hear some of the songs that the Copper Hills Choir performed, in the middle of the concert, we got a special treat. In light of the recent middle school boundary changes, they performed a combined song: a parody of “What Is This Feeling” from Wicked the Musical. During the song, SMRS and WHMS choir directors comedically pushed each other around the stage while trying to direct the combined choir. 

The comedic relief definitely helped the middle school kids feel more comfortable. “We set up this program where the middle schools come here and they can share their music with us and we can share ours with them. We hope that in sharing, the enthusiasm continues into high school, and I think that definitely carries forward as they move up the ranks to Copper Hills,” explained Mr. Taylor, CHHS choir director. This event helps ease the transition between middle school and high school. The students are able to come spend time at the school with their friends and familiar teachers. Then, when it’s time to move to high school, they know that they’ll be safe in choir.