Copper Hills vs Hunter Playoff Game

Samantha Hooper, Social Media Manager

The Copper Hills football team went 4-7 this season winning against Taylorsville, Hillcrest, Cottonwood and Providence Hall. Because of this Copper Hills went to the playoffs and played Hunter High School. Sadly, after putting up a good fight the Copper Hills grizzlies lost the game 57-12. 


By the end of the first quarter, the Copper Hills Grizzlies hadn’t scored and the Hunter High Wolverines were winning 23-0. The Grizzlies put up a strong fight and by the end of the second quarter, they had scored 12 points, making the score at halftime 30-12. During the halftime show, we saw the Hunter Drill team and their Dance Company perform. 


The second half of the game was very rough. The Grizzlies continued to put up a tough fight but sadly their season had to come to a close. With the loss of 57-12 against the Hunter High Wolverines the Copper Hills Grizzlies are ranked 23rd in 6A at the end of the football season.