Sam Gordon – Football Lawsuit

Tyla Jensen, Staff Writer

Sam Gordon is a 16-year-old on a mission to change the opportunities for girls to play tackle football. She started playing football, with boys at a young age and with the simple upload of a YouTube video she got some recognition. Right now, Sam is in the middle of a lawsuit with some of the high school districts, which include Jordan school district.


She is in a lawsuit and is suing them on the basis of their noncompliance with title 9. There is a large difference between the number of girls that play sports and the number of girls that don’t. That whole difference is almost entirely by football. 


There is a survey going around in highschools that girls can fill out stating what sports they would like to see in high school because schools don’t think girls want to play football. If the numbers come in Sam’s favor, it will be a lot easier to make them offer girls tackle football.


Sam has made progress in this lawsuit, but it will take a long time to get where they want to be. Either way, they will keep fighting and pushing on to give girls the opportunity to play football, whether that’s in a league of their own or as a high school sport.