Blood Drive

Jenna Milner, News editor

The Copper Hills blood drive was held on October 9th, 2019. Students were able to donate during school from seven to three as long as they were 16 years of age, had no new tattoos or piercings, had not been out of the country within the last year, and met a certain height and weight requirement. In total, Copper Hills High collected 150 units, or pints, of blood which could save up to 250 people. “Out of every blood drive that [Associated Regional and University Pathologists] does, Copper Hills, by far, is the best one because we give the most amount of blood at a single time.” Mrs. Jenkins, the anatomy and physiology teacher at Copper Hills, said. The blood collected during the quarterly drives helps doctors keep patients alive during surgery. It also helps people with severe blood loss to heal. The more students who donate, the more variety of types as well as a greater amount of patients can be helped. 


Direct any questions, comments, or concerns to Mrs. Jenkins and the HOSA club, and sign up to donate if able!