Powder Puff

Milan Espinosa, Co Editor-in-Chief

Thursday afternoon, October 15th, Powder Puff took place at the South fields and ended in the football field. The red team won the final game against the blue team. The white team, green team, orange team, and the gray team made it towards the finals.


There were nine teams consisting of girls from softball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, drill, cheer, dance company, and volunteers. 


Student and alumni athletes coached the girls for the Powder Puff. “Josh Folger and Marcel [Malanga, coached us]… they’re really nice and they really help you understand [the game],” says Kylee Nelson, a player from the green team. 


Bailey Larsen who has recently passed away this July due to Ewing Sarcoma cancer was honored at the Powder Puff by the yellow team. The team had Bailey’s name painted on their legs.  “Because of her amazing example of courage and finding the joy of life despite adversity, [she] inspired us all to play for her, wearing her favorite color yellow,” says Madison Ware. 


There were very few people at the Powder Puff. “We always come out and support the boys so why not come support the girls,” Melissa Brooksby adds, “I came here early [be]cause I didn’t think I would get a good seat, but there’s not really that many people.” Towards the finals of the event, there were approximately 35 people. 

The blue and red team went head to head in their first round, where the red team lost. The Blue team mainly consisted of volleyball players and remained undefeated throughout the whole event. The red team mainly consisted of softball and basketball players. “We had a rough start against the volleyball team (blue team)… the other rounds started getting better. [The final round] was a tough one, we were all really tired [be]cause we already played five games. So we had to go into the championship with the volleyball (blue team) who was undefeated. We pulled it together and had some amazing plays.” Lainee continues, “we were kind of worried at first but, in the end, we won.” says Lainee Miller, player for the red team. The red team received Powder Puff champion t-shirts as a prize.