The End Is Near

Elisabeth Paradise, A & E Editor

As fall rolls in, so does the end of the quarter.  With the end of the first quarter of the year, we may spend some time reflecting on the highlights of the past term, such as making new friends or reuniting with old ones.  We may recall homecoming, and all the fun we had during the dance, or how the football team lost it’s winning streak at the homecoming game. 


Many students focus their energy on completing their assignments before the end of the quarter deadline.  For some, the first quarter was great, and they’re looking forward to fall break to rejuvenate themselves.  For others, the first quarter was rough, and they’re already dreading the rest of the year. If you are one of these students, know that the first quarter is always one of the hardest.  If you’ve managed to come this far, you will almost certainly be able to make it through the rest of the year. You will make it. Stay safe over the fall break Grizzlies, we’ll see you again at the beginning of the second quarter!