Choir, the First of the Last

Beth Brewster, Web Editor

On Tuesday, October 15, Copper Hills Choirs gathered together to perform four songs each in front of fellow students, families, and friends. The night started off with Mixed Choir performing a highlight song of “The Spirit of Adventure” from Disney’s “Up”, by Michael Giacchino.


Ladies Choir then started their set by giving the audience full-body chills with “All the Pretty Horses” an American Folk Song arranged by Emily Crocker. After three more songs performed by Ladies Choir, the Copper Hills Madrigals sang five more well-done songs. Man Choir sang with effort and had a wonderful base section. Concert Choir then wrapped up the concert with songs including “Jabberwocky” by Sam Pottle and Cindy, as well as an American Folk Song arranged by Mack Wilberg.


Many seniors felt emotional with this concert being the last first concert they will do in high school. , “I have found it exciting to create these new experiences with new friends and to be able to share that with new students coming into the school year.” Said Adam Christensen. 

Madrigal senior, Katelyn Thomas said, “I feel like we have a lot of newbies this year including me, so I feel like it should be a lot of learning this year and a lot of growing and I’m really excited for that!” 


Make sure to go out and support our Grizzly Choirs for these important dates: 


Mattress Fundraiser  ~ November 2, 8am-5pm, Tech Atrium

Orange/Grapefruit Fundraiser  ~ November 7-26

Holiday Choir Concert  ~ Dec. 12, 7pm, Auditorium

Concert Choir @ Assembly Hall  ~ Dec. 17, 7:30pm, Temple Square

Festival Concert  ~ March 16, 7pm, Auditorium

New York Choir Tour  ~ March 25-30

Spring Pops Concert  ~ May 27, 7pm, Auditorium