NF’s Demanded Concert

Alexa Christensen, Staff Writer

Saturday, September 12th, NF put on a concert at The Great Saltair. NF played with KYD the band at seven o’clock. These two performers put on a concert and had the crowd jumping with excitement. There were a couple of hundred people at this concert, NF had performed another concert that previous Friday, September 11th. His Friday show sold out so fast that people demanded that he played a second show. NF did a concert, there was lots of energy, NF had the crowd singing. 


NF is a stage name, his real name is Nathan Feuerstein. Nate was born March 30, 1991, in Gladwin, Michigan. NF is 28 years old and has a wife named Bridgette Doremus. Nf is an American Christian rapper, and in 2010 he independently released his first album called “Moments”; then in 2011 he released one of his singles called “Alone”. NF has released six albums since 2010 and “Mansion” gave him some traction he described when he sang his song “Nate” however, his album “Perception” is the album that got his name out there. Nf is currently on his Search Tour, this tour will end May of 2020.