Homecoming 2019

Sophia Lewis, Staff Writer

The dance was decorated with famous landmarks to match the theme. Songs featured during the dance were ‘Every time we Touch,’ ‘7 Rings,’ and the final song ‘Old Town Road’.

During the already short song, Old Town Road was cut short after a student threw a water bottle into the crowd. More and more students began to throw water bottles after the first bottle. The unusual trend continued towards the middle of the dance, water bottles littered the gym floor and barefooted dancers stepped in puddles of cold water. 


The DJ, as well as chaperones, warned students to stop their messy behavior or they would end the dance early. This warning sufficed, but not for long.


As well as students throwing open water bottles into the crowd, there was also putty/slime being thrown around that hit students. 


Despite the chants of “One more song” from students, their request was denied and the dance was cut during the shortest song of the night. 


A takeaway from this homecoming is to be considerate to our school and fellow grizzlies. Students rent tuxedos and dresses, so, out of courtesy don’t do anything to get others messy.

The water and snacks the school provides students are great to have to prevent dehydration or overheating in the crowds of sweaty students.


Grizzlies, be grateful that we not only have access to clean water but also have a space to have fun with other students. Not every school has the resources to plan dances or events like this. Be kind to the school and your peers, so we can continue to enjoy school dances without the mess and stress.