What’s That Annoying Noise? FIRE!

Jinda Kumpin, Staff Writer

On October 1st, 2019 Copper Hills High School had an annual fire drill. All students, faculty, and staff have different opinions on the fire drills that are mandatory for schools to have.


Fire drills are meant to help the students and staff of Copper Hills know what to do if they were ever in a situation where the school caught on fire, Principal Bryan Veazie“I think in a school as large as Copper Hills High School, with close to 2,800 students, it’s very important that all faculty, all staff, and all students know the protocol for fire drills”. Principal Veazie expresses that in order to keep everything under control if we were ever put in that situation, it is good that the school has the fire drills.


Copper Hills has had 2 fire drills since the school year started, and they also have other drills throughout the year. The district wants to make sure that the schools know their roles in fire drills, so everyone can stay safe and healthy in every situation.

fire drill-olivia ethington
fire drill-olivia ethington