Tyla Jensen, Staff Writer

At this time of year, many people like to embrace the spooky spirit and go to haunted houses. One of the places, here in Utah, that has haunted houses during the Halloween season is Lagoon. Frightmares at Lagoon starts on September 13th and ends on October 30th. They have 9 free haunted houses and one haunted house that costs extra. Along with the haunted houses, there are people that dress up in costume and walk around the park to try and scare you. 


If you aren’t about the spooky scene of Halloween, they still have attractions for you. Throughout the park, there are haunted houses for kids where no scarring is involved, treats and toys are also provided. Throughout the park stores, you can purchase a glow stick necklace to show to ghouls that you don’t want to be scared.


Even though the haunted houses and characters around the park are there, all of the same rides and food still remain.