Composing a Legacy

Alex Hess, Opinion and Lifestyle Editor

Abravanel Hall, on Friday the 20 of September, was the site of a well-attended performance by the Utah Symphony. The performance commenced at 7:30 in the gold plated concert hall and ended around 9:30 with a final flourish of his baton, the conductor let the musicians rest while he signaled them to bow and walked off the stage. 


The symphony performed pieces composed by John Willams, a highly influential composer having been composing over a 67-year career and the recipient of 51 Oscar nominations, the most of any person alive second only to Walt Disney. He was the mind behind the music for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, and the theme for the 2002 Winter Olympics, March of the Champions, among others. 


The Utah Symphony only had time to play a few of his many pieces among those played were the Jurassic Park theme, the theme from Strange Encounters of the Third Kind, and many other pieces.