Lacrosse Win?

Hailey Winn, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Copper Hills Lacrosse played their first preseason game on September 24 against Bingham. Varsity lost 11-4, but the JV game was cut short. 


While the Varsity game was allowed to play out completely, the referees called the game before the clock ran out during the JV game. Bingham’s spectators were asked to move back from the side-line and refused. As a result, the referees called the game, saying that Bingham’s JV team forfeit.


This game was Copper Hill’s first lacrosse game of the year, and it was Bingham’s fourth. Even though Lacrosse isn’t in season till Spring, the team is playing a fall season to get the hang of things. The fall season provides the team with an opportunity to practice playing together, better preparing them for their first sanctioned Spring Season.