A Long Time Coming for Lacrosse

Zach Thorne, Business Manager


For quite a few years now, lacrosse has been played at Copper Hills. This year it became a sanctioned sport. The boys’ lacrosse team being sanctioned is something that will affect the team but will be looked over by most people. The boys’ lacrosse team is not the only sport to be newly sanctioned; the girls’ lacrosse team was sanctioned this year as well.


In the past, when lacrosse was only a club sport, players had to raise money for themselves with no funding from the school. Kaleb Compos, a player on the boys’ lacrosse team, said, “I love that it’s becoming a real sport. I think it’s about time that it did because it is an amazing sport to play, and I recommend it to other people who need something to do in their spare time. Everyone should come support because it’s fun to watch, and we lacrosse players would love for people to come to our games.” These players are glad their sport is finally getting the recognition it deserves.


Jessica Virgin, a player on the girls lacrosse team, said, “The boys team is so much bigger and gets way more hype and support. Their recruiting is better and they start at a younger age, so they’re playing at a higher level. Boys lacrosse also gets more help from the school. Girls lacrosse is mostly made up of girls who haven’t touched a stick in their life and that makes it harder to establish a good team. However, girls lacrosse is still so much fun and an exciting sport to play, even if there isn’t as much contact as the boys.” 


Jessica can feel the gap between the two teams, but she is still happy with her team and is ecstatic that it is becoming a sport. She also said, “There’s not really any support. Sometimes we’ll get mentioned in the announcements but no one really comes out [to see us play].” This really echoes the fact that these teams would love to get more support and hopefully have the spotlight on them.


Now that lacrosse is officially recognized as a sport, hopefully, it will start to be recognized by the student body. Peer support will mean a lot to these players. During their season, show the players that Copper Hills supports them. Wish them good luck, go to the games, or maybe even tryout. GO GRIZZLIES!