Ray of Light: Sophomore Phenom Brings Hope for Future of Girl’s Soccer

Lainee Miller, Sports Editor

Many of us have given little league soccer a shot but eventually gravitated to other sports. Sophomore, Varsity player Abbi Ray stuck to soccer and it has paid off for Copper Hills girls’ soccer team.


Ray started kicking a ball at age 3, and would quickly learn how to play the sport. In little league soccer, kids just run to the ball in a giant mass. Ray’s father pushed her to stay on the outside where she would get the ball and score. Progressively, she improved went to play on a competitive soccer team. Things never came easy for Ray, that includes determination, which came with time. “The practices were so rough I sometimes didn’t want to go, but be being able to push myself and go to those practices and work hard really helped.”

Abbi Ray is a Sophomore at CHHS – Photo by Marshal McIff

Ray’s interest in Copper Hills soccer began when she was fairly young. “Before I was in high school I would come and watch them and I thought it was really cool,” Ray said, “How they played and how competitive it was…I wanted to be apart of it.”


Freshman year rolled around and Ray didn’t want to try out, but her parents convinced her.  One year later, and after getting some time on varsity as a freshman, she is one of this year’s leading scorers.  In a preseason game, Ray scored a hat trick against Hunter High leading the team to an in a 9-1 win. Her older teammates have been impressed. “She’s a young talent, she’s committed to improving, and she has a lot of fire in her,” says, Natalie Douglas, Senior.


One of Ray’s highlights this season is her Goal against Herriman which tied the game but ended with a loss when Herriman scored the game-winning goal. Ray hopes the girls can find their groove and work as a team to end the season with more wins. 


Ray is excited to continue her high school career in soccer, and can’t wait for what’s to come. Her future in soccer is uncertain, but she hopes to go to play in college. Megan Ray, Abbi’s mom, said, “I’d love to see her play at least play in college, maybe beyond. As long as she’s having fun doing it.” 

As the soccer season continues, Ray continues to grow and learn with every practice/game. At just a sophomore, and considering her push to be better, there’s no telling the player we’ll see her senior year. At such a young age, she’s already a leader now and for future grizzly soccer teams. Our girl’s soccer team will continue to play through the month of September.  Grizzly nation should go out and watch this Abbi and the girls make us proud.