CHHS Slam Competes at Arts Fest

Alex Hess, Opinion and Lifestyle Editor

Over the summer our Slam poetry team competed at the Utah Arts Festival in the Indie Youth Slam. All of our competing poets made it past the first round, two made it to finals, and former Slam President and recent graduate, Chelsea Guevara took the title. 


They qualified for this competition by winning the high school state championship and nearly going undefeated in their regular season. But the arts festival had a different vibe than regular competition. “Competing in the Utah Arts Festival was a lot different than competing [during the season] because we had to compete against each other, even if they were from our school, instead of working as a team. In the end, it didn’t matter because we got top three out of four,” said current slam president, Sammi Walker. Even when competing against each other, they still do really well. 


The Poets on the Slam Team spend an extraordinary amount of time working on their own poems and on their fellow team members’ poems. Walker said, for example, that in prep for Arts Fest, she helped team member Adrian Hernandez with editing and rehearsing. It didn’t prepare her for the impact his poem would have. She said that because you have feedback from the audience, it can change the feel of the poem. 


The Slam Team’s first meeting of the year was on Thursday, August 29th a little less than a month from their first competition which will be in the Tech Atrium on September 27th. Regarding Slam’s chances at the upcoming competition, Sammi said, “I feel like we have some good, fast, reliable writers this year so it will be nice to see who competes.” 


It looks like Slam’s chances for a good year are on the rise with the joining of Chris Atkin to the already packed roster of coaches which include Dr. Steve Haslam and Kristen Oda. With the combination of old faces and new, Slam’s chances for success this year are higher than ever before. So listen up to those announcements for information about the Slam Poetry Team’s competitions so that you can support them in their epic conquest of poetry.