Opinion – Back to School Shopping Tips

Tyla Jensen, Staff Writer

Back-to-school shopping is both a start to the new school year and an end to summer. There’s a lot to think about. Students must consider style, which can also be associated with trends. 


New trends are starting all the time. Which leads to another topic, dress code. Most trends of clothing don’t fit the school dress code. In addition, students choose to worry about the opinions of other people. Whether we like it or not, most of us care what others think. 


But, back-to-school shopping isn’t all about the students, it is about the parents and guardians too. Parents spend a lot of their time and money on back-to-school shopping. They go through all the indecisiveness and go to all the different stores to find the items that their kids want. 


To make back-to-school shopping a little less stressful on the student and the parents I have three quick tips that you can use. 


First, clothes. When you are shopping for clothes make sure that you are picking out at least one shirt or one pair of pants that can go with anything, this can help make your mornings a little bit easier. 


Second, supplies. When you are looking for supplies it doesn’t matter if your supplies are high end or not. At the end of the day they all work the same, plus you might be able to save some money.


Lastly, be yourself. Forget about what other people think. If you like something but you have your doubts, just go with it. It is better to be out of the box than be the same as everyone else. 


With these tips, if you’re still feeling stressed, maybe consider a change of pace. Some schools require students to wear uniforms, which equals less stress for students. 


With all that said, here is to the new 2019- 2020 school year!