A Language Everyone Can Speak

Joselyn Rangel, Staff Writer

Photo by Diana, a Senior at Copper Hills

With the new school year starting many new students with different types of backgrounds and cultures from incoming sophomores, transfer students and even students from outside the country are attending Copper Hills High. Many students, especially those who are immigrants, are struggling with language barriers. These students at Copper Hills have left their countries to get an education in the United States. Aside from the culture-shock, they’re presented with another challenge, not knowing how to speak English. 


Diana is a student who came from Leon, Mexico to start the school year. She is currently a senior and has expressed that although she can speak some English, when people speak to her rather fast, it can get confusing. “What’s been the most difficult thing for me has been communicating and finding my classes. Everything is different here, the school, the classes, the city, and even the food,” expressed Diana. 


Thankfully she’s had one of her best friends to help her get around the school and find her classes. “The reason I came here was to gain better opportunities for my future and learn to speak English better,” said Diana. Like her, there are many other students with the same goals and challenges awaiting them this year.


There are a few small things everyone can do to help these students feel better. If you see someone struggling with the language, try putting yourself in their shoes. Reach out and try to find a way to help. Try to help those who may be far from home or in a new place feel at home. Be a friend or help them with classwork. These new students need is someone that can offer them a smile and acknowledge them. Finally, if you can help translating, by all means do so. Remember, be patient and understanding, material that they’re given may be new to them. 


Language barriers make communication difficult but a language everyone can speak is kindness. Be kind to everyone around, help those who need it and create a better experience at Copper Hills High School.