We Welcome You to the Family

Milan Mena Espinosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Cheer, Color Guard, and Band performing at the hello assembly Photo by Olivia Ethington

On August 22nd, the Hello Assembly introduced Copper Hills student body to a new grizzly school year. It started off with amazing performances by Band and Cheer, then an eloquent flag ceremony was performed by the Madrigals and JLTC. 


This year’s first Bear Chairs were awarded to Sophomore Girl’s Soccer Player, Abbi Ray, Junior Azurrette, Maria Warner, Senior Madrigal, Kyle Dorius, and Math teacher Mrs. Rebecca Rounkles. 


Student Government premiered their introduction videos giving the audience a few flashbacks of childhood. In addition to SBO nostalgia, Dance Company did an entertaining remix of old school Hip-Hop and RnB Pop. 


“It’s All in the Journey,” was announced as the school’s new theme. Cooper Landell, Student Gov. President, gave a humble speech about the importance of becoming more involved in school and expressed that it’s never too late to join a group because high school is a meaningful journey towards adulthood. The seven-time state-champion Azurettes were stunningly synchronized in their performance afterward. 


“We welcome you to the family,” Principal Veazie said, in his motivational speech for the new grizzlies attending CHHS. Staying in theme, Veazie asked that we make everyone’s high school journey a safe one and that includes acceptance for all. A goal for Veazie and for all of the faculty and staff is to make the school become a better environment to encourage positive growth for all students. “You are the future,” Veazie said. The journey begins here.