New Teachers of Copper Hills


Mr. James, Mr. Atkins, Ms. Emery, and Mr. Waddoups

Alexa Christensen, Staff Writer

Copper Hills has started their 2019-2020 school year, not only do we have new incoming Sophomores we have seventeen new teachers. Mr.Atkin, Ms.Barney, Ms.Bodily, Mr.Briggs, Ms.Emery, Ms.Jackson, Mr.James, Mr.Fullmer, Ms.Maxfield, Mr.McTeer, Ms.Miles, Ms.Sauvageau, Mr.Schembri, Mr.Schuck, Mr.Silver, Mr.Waddoups, and Mr.Whittaker are all new to CHHS. Students, don’t be afraid to stop by any of these teacher’s classrooms to say hello and welcome them to our grizzly nation. Most people know how it feels to be new, so let’s welcome these new teachers with open arms. 


What made some of these teachers want to join us at Copper Hills? 


“I did my student teaching here with Mr.Brothers, and once I had finished my student teaching I felt comfortable here at this great high school,” said Ms. Emery. Some of our other new teachers have different reasons why. “I think all teachers get started teaching for two reasons, either they had a good teacher who helped and inspired them or a teacher who was bad and makes them want to do better; I had a bit of both,” said Mr. Atkin. Some of our new teachers aren’t new to teaching, they are just new to Copper Hills this year. “I started teaching in 2003 I have taught in Idaho, New York, and Utah,” said Mr.Waddoups. Other teachers have been teaching for more than a year. “This is my eleventh year teaching,” said Mr.James. 


What made some of these teachers want to start teaching? 


“I wanted something intellectual and I like working with young adults,” said Ms.Emery. Some teachers want intellectual and others want to make a difference and change lives. “I had some teachers who changed the course of my life, they were people who saw something in me that no one else did. I felt like if I did that for even one person I would have made a difference, I would have contributed something to the world,” said Mr. James. These teachers all just want to help us as students succeed in life and for that we should all be very grateful. “I have never had students work collaboratively as much as I am going to this year; I am very excited if not even a little nervous about it,” said Mr.Waddoups. Copper Hills has lots of fun classes that teachers are ready to teach. “I’m excited to teach creative writing and poetry and to work with such a cool student body,” said Mr.Atkin. 


How do our new teachers feel about becoming Grizzlies? “I feel like I won the lottery getting this job, this school rocks, rawr!” said Mr.Waddoups. Some of our other teachers have been waiting all summer to become a Grizzly. “I’m so thrilled, I’ve been practicing growing my back hair all summer,” said Mr.James. 


While most teachers love their jobs, they do have a life outside of school. “I love to travel and I used to be a nanny and a photographer,” said Ms.Emery. Ms.Emery isn’t the only new teacher who likes to travel. “I come from small towns in Idaho and I have also lived and worked in New York City. I have three kids and I really enjoy trying new things,” said Mr.Waddoups. Some teachers don’t travel. “I grew up in Utah, I don’t have nomophobia but I am afraid of many cheeses,” said Mr.James. Some teachers enjoy playing board games. “I’m super nerdy, I play lots of board games, and dungeons and dragons. Also, I write and perform my own poetry,” said Mr.Atkin. Let’s make all of our new teachers feel at home here at Copper Hills; home of the grizzlies. Roar!