So Many Clubs, So Many Memories


Photo by: Olivia Ethington

Beth Brewster, Web Editor

Coming into high school is one of the most exciting and terrifying events you encounter; thankfully we have many opportunities available to help make that transition just a little bit smoother and create lasting memories. Don’t believe me? Just check out this amazing list of clubs that Copper Hills has to offer!



Art club creates a great space for people to interact with one another and share different ideas. This gives people the opportunity to think outside the box. “It’s an open space for creativity!”(Kennedy Pina)

BAM Career & Technical Student Organization.  

BAM stands for Business & Marketing and includes both DECA and FBLA. Their strong connection with these two organizations gives experience in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Their programs and activities have constantly evolved as we use the latest technology and apply cutting edge educational research. Their core focus has remained consistent and is captured in their mission.

Black Student Union

Black Student Union was established over eight years ago and is the only BSU in Jordan District.  The organization is open to all students for membership and supports the promotion and awareness of black culture and history for students in the school and outer community.  The Union is dedicated to service as well and participates in Paws for a Cause, the celebration of diversity with International week, Homecoming and club Rush week. The Union celebrates the month of February particularly, Black History month, by acknowledging both historical and contemporary individuals who have influenced the course/direction of our nation.


“Copper Hills Choir is an exciting, inclusive, and fun-loving club.” (Katerina McAllister) They are mostly based in the choirs themselves, but you don’t have to be in the choir to join! They will have their table set up at rush week where you can sign up to get information sent to you about their socials and other fun events they are planning. “Our choirs all come together because we love to sing and we are all dedicated to this wonderful program. Come find any of our choirs’ officers if you want any more information, we would love to help you out!”


Copper Hills Academic Decathlon is a team that competes using tests. We study and develop skills in 10 areas and go head-to-head against schools across the state. “Students tend to join if they like to learn across a plethora of topics.”(Mr. Manning)


Drama club is for anyone interested in the arts-on or off stage. Whether it be to control the technological happenings behind the scenes or act in a show, drama club is a group of individuals who are accepting of everyone and come together to do what they love most.

Educators Rising

Educators Rising is a club that explores future careers in education in all areas including kindergarten, coaching, administration, and everything in-between. At their weekly club meetings, they learn professional skills and prepare for their state competition in March. “The best part is discovering how people learn will make you a more successful student, no matter what career you choose!” (Ms. Tibbitts)


German Club tries new food and plays lots of fun games. Students who join the club, get to learn all sorts of new things about the culture and how interesting Germany is. “Join German Club! Es ist super!”(Alexa Nielsen)

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Movement employs a hands-on prosocial approach to problems students face today through kindness and inclusion. “We don’t limit our clubs or provide a stagnant system. Instead, we welcome students from all walks of life to participate in various social opportunities and programs that are as dynamic and diverse as our members.”(Ella Hawkins)


Health Occupation Students of America’s primary goal is to help those passionate about medicine and health sciences develop skills and find others interested in similar topics. They have many activities throughout the school year ranging from health-related service project field trips to hands-on experiences like labs and dissections. “Come join one of the biggest clubs at Copper Hills and make some life long connections!”(Morgan Madsen)


The CHHS Interact Club is sponsored by the WJ Rotary Club and is a great way to gain service and leadership experience, beneficial for college applications and scholarship awards. The service club will meet at least monthly and will be involved in local and global service projects, and they hope to branch out to help other clubs and organizations here at Copper Hills. Interact is a way to connect with other youth who have similar interests in making a difference in the world. “Please join CHHS Interact so that you can make a difference!”(Alicia Summers)

Key Club

Key Club is an international service organization that is almost 100 years old. It is a student-led group that provides kids with the opportunity to connect with their peers and community through service work, which looks great on college and general resumes. They highly encourage kids to join to build relationships, serve their community, and have fun while doing so.


LGBTQ+ is designed to be a resource to the kids in our community to help in any way necessary. Their responsibilities range from simply listening to providing resources to kids who don’t have what they need. They hope to make a safe space for everyone whether they are LGBTQ+ or not. “We are here to spread love.”  (Joy Bryce)


Latinos In Action is a leadership club that strives to stand as a positive role model for the Latino community. “We encourage students to be proud of their culture and where they come from and motivate them to become the leaders we know they can be. We hope kids will come to our booth for a treat and a chance to see what LIA can do for them.” (Jose Rodriguez)

Muggle Quidditch

A new, student-created club this year is our very own Copper Hills Muggle Quidditch Team. Yes, there really are broomsticks involved and yes, somebody does chase the coveted snitch. “This is a really fun sport to play and also super fun to watch. We need all kinds, keepers and beaters and chasers and seekers and cheerleaders! You’re gonna wanna see this.” (Ms. Tibbitts)


The newspaper club provides the school with informative and entertaining articles written in The CHHS Grizzly Growl. “People who are interested in writing should join the Grizzly Growl because it gives you the opportunity to become a better writer and communicator.” (Milan Mena Espinosa)

One Nation

One Nation is an anti-bullying club that works on making the school a better place through a group of caring, thoughtful and loving individuals in our school that seek to raise awareness about anti-bullying in both our school community and in the outer community. This year they will be working on service projects helping out the homeless in our school and community. This group stands for being kind, accepting and acknowledging differences and diversity in the many different individuals that represent our school population and celebrating that diversity.


Positively Affecting Lives is a club to help get individuals with disabilities included at CHHS and in the community. Members of this club help bridge the gap of unity and inclusion and help take the students with severe disabilities to events, host socials to get to know each other and truly learn to become friends. “It is open to everyone and a great way to get involved at CHHS and make friends with everyone. JOIN! You won’t regret it!!” (Mrs. Sheppick)


Peer Leadership Team is a service-based club held during 8th period where they apply leadership skills by doing service for our community as well as teaching refusal skills toward drugs, alcohol, and other pressures that are put on us in life. “PLT is a great class because you get to do really fun service activities and you get to show what it is like to be a good example.” (Autumn Adams)


Whenever someone hears about the creative writing club they immediately assume that they just sit around and write, but that’s not always the case. “As the club grows, it’s important to know that our club isn’t only about writing but about making new relationships based on something we have in common. We get to grow as writers together and help each other learn through our experiences and our skills.” (Emily Alarcon) Their goal this year is to bring new people into the club and expand the wonders of writing to others. “Hopefully, people will be able to see our club isn’t about just writing but about making new everlasting memories.”   

Stage Crew

Stage crew is both a class and a club. They run all assemblies, concerts, and productions, and build all the sets for our shows. “Stage crew is a great experience because you get to learn a ton of real-world skills in a fun environment. Because we do so many jobs, it has a little something for everyone, from constructing things to painting to running technical equipment. We all have to work very closely together to get the work done, so it begins to feel more like a family than a club.”(Grace Bramlage)

World Culture

The Copper Hills World Culture Club has members from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, as well as, students taking world languages offered at Copper Hills. The club is open to anyone interested in developing more appreciation for the diversity of world cultures or that just loves to experience new foods, festivals, and meet new friends.


  • American Indian SA
  • Art
  • Asian American Association
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Black Student Union
  • Bowling Club
  • CHAD- Copper Hills Academic Decathlon
  • Chess
  • Chinese
  • Choir
  • Cross Country
  • ECO- former Environmental Science
  • Educators Rising
  • FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America)
  • FFA (Future Farmers of America)
  • Film
  • French
  • German
  • Golden Gate
  • History
  • Hockey
  • HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)
  • Interact
  • Key Club
  • LGBTQ+ Alliance
  • LIA (Latinos in Action
  • Literary Magazine
  • MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement)
  • Muggle Quidditch
  • NHS (National Honors Society)
  • Newspaper Grizzly Growl
  • One Nation
  • Positively Affecting Lives (PALs)
  • People of the Pacific
  • PLT (Peer Leadership Team)
  • Poetry Slam
  • Quillists
  • Rugby
  • Science
  • Skills USA
  • Spanish
  • Speech & Debate
  • Stage Crew
  • Theatre Club
  • TSA (Technology Student Association)
  • Track & Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Grizzly Gamers
  • WISE (Women Inspiring Strenght & Empowerment)
  • World Culture Club
  • Yearbook


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