A Recollection of Their High School Memories: The Senior’s Last Dance

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On May 17th, Seniors gathered at the Red Barn at Thanksgiving Point to recollect the memories whole high school career.

The Senior Dinner Dance is a night where seniors are invited to come to have one last dance and one last memory with their friends to end their high school career. The whole night isn’t just dancing; multiple student awards are given out, and a slideshow is played around halfway through the night.

Students were asked to be at the Red Barn at six so that they could be served dinner and settle down before all the awards began. About forty-five minutes in, Principal Veazie gave a speech to all the seniors, on how he hopes for the best for their futures. Shortly after, senior awards were announced by Principal Veazie.  The senior gift was also explained by our Senior Class President, Brody Doutt, which will be a fire pit set up on the east side of the school, across from the driving range.

Individual Awards:

Valedictorian: Marcus Quincy

Salutatorian: Nathaniel Sill

Leader of the Year: Elvis Amin

Alpha Ursa: Amber Potts

Female Athlete of the Year: Reagan Reeves

Male Athlete of the Year: Trevon Allfrey

Spirit Award: Logan Anderson

Magna Cum Laude:

Alexander Allgunn, Kaiya Barker, Colin Barnett, Kaitlyn Hacking, Hannah Hokanson, Haley Jacob, Taylor Lyon, Adelaide Marshall, Fiona Mcnair, Enfany Ngo, Rachel Pugmire, Marcus Quincy, Elena Robertson, Nathaniel Sill, and Bailey Van Wagoner.  

Immediately after these awards were given to the students, music started playing, and students ran to the middle of the floor to make memories at their last High School dance.

At around 9:00 pm, the Senior Class put their Senior Class Slideshow up on the projector. It was full of videos and pictures that most every senior had experienced throughout all their years of high school.  When the slideshow ended, hugs were given all around, and dancing filled the room again.

The seniors had made the most they could of one of their last nights together. Now a new future lies ahead, and new memories with it.