Walking Away From Sports

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

Graduation is just around the corner and that means the end of school, but school isn’t the only thing that ends. Many athletes end their career in high school and as they walk across the stage to get their diploma they are saying goodbye to the sport they have loved for years.

Payton Durfey is a Senior here at Copper Hills who has played 10 years of football, and 4 of those as a Grizzly. Durfey made the decision that he didn’t want to continue his football journey after high school. He said, “Football was something I have loved growing up, and it’s something I’ll always love.” Dufey’s attitude about the sport shifted a bit while he was in high school. “These past few years I’ve been on the team have made me not want to continue my football career because of how poor my Senior year was,” Durfey said. Even though he has chose to step away he will continue to miss the sport as he furthers his education at the University of Central Florida.

Another athlete who has decided to walk away is Klee Luther. Luther (senior) has been on drill for 3 years and has won numerous awards and 3 state championships. She explains that she feels content with the accomplishments she has reached in her high school career and is excited to see what the future holds. “College is also a big commitment and I want to make sure I have enough time and focus to do it well,” stated Luther. She started dancing when she was in middle school learning from YouTube videos and finished with championships under her belt as she graduates.

To some student-athletes, moving into college is what is best for them. They want to move to the next level and better themselves in the sport they love. Some go even further to become professional if they have the right skill/mind sent. College is a time for students to try new things, but some like to keep to the same sport they have been doing for years.

As some of these athletes move on they begin to focus on college. They start to buckle down and get through college to one day have the career of their dreams. Just because someone decided they don’t want to continue sports in college doesn’t mean they are any worse than the ones that do. Some people decided to find new passions in life because most people only play sports for the beginning years of their life. Trying new things can help one find out who they are and help them decide who they want to become in the future.