Climate Change is Real: Steps Towards Environmental Protection

Daniella Rivera, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Climate change is an ever increasing issue affecting our planet’s’ ecosystems, species, and the environment as a whole. With Earth Day having its light of day on April 22nd of this year, environmental activists are trying to spread the word on what we can do to help reverse climate change all through to the summer.

A common misconception of Earth Day is that it is to appreciate what our planet has to offer for us to see, and for us to visit. Yet this was not the integral part of creating such a day. Earth day was made to spread awareness on environmental protection, and to put forth action on this knowledge to help reverse climate change, and make our Earth as clean as it was centuries before.

Many are unaware of what exactly they can do as an individuals to help cease climate change, and those who are aware don’t think they can make a difference, so they don’t try to put forth action and effort towards a cleaner Earth.

There are many ways to reverse climate change and make our Earth a more welcoming place for people to live, and future generations to live on as well:

2Min4Earth is a phrase that has just barely become popular across media, and is showing people across the globe how easy it is to take a little time out of your day for a better purpose. The point is to take two minutes out of your day to support the Earth in cleaning what has been littered outside or inside. Many understand how much just two minutes of picking up trash can make a difference in how they view what they can do for climate change.

Donating is another easy, and efficient way to direct the Earth towards a cleaner future, but is more for those who don’t exactly know how to help the Earth, or feel like they don’t have the time. By donating to global environmental protection organizations such as Greenpeace, WWF, and the Ocean Conservation Program, people are giving to groups that will use funds to make a difference towards the planet.

Recycling is a known way to help save the planet, yet a lot of what is being recycled goes to waste because a lot of us don’t know how to recycle properly. Many companies who are given the bins of recycled plastic are throwing them away anyways because small things like unrecyclable labels on bottled waters are being left on the water bottle when recycled, as well as leftover gatorade in the unwashed bottle. These bigger companies don’t have time to take these labels off, and most of the plastic just gets put in the trash.

Many ways to help save the Earth are known but little is being done about it.  Taking the time to fully understand the extent to which an individual can make a difference, and how easy it is to truly leave a mark for a better, cleaner planet, people can get involved in the fight for reversing climate change, and the planet may still be present for future generations to come.