Softball vs. Westlake

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

On May 16th, Copper Hills softball played against West lake on their journey towards state. Softball 6A state is the second to last week in May, and the softball girls are trying to go in undefeated to give them a better shot at a state championship.

The beginning of the game started off well as the Grizzlies shut down Westlake in the first inning, but did not score. In the second inning Westlake scored 1 point, making the score 1-0. Then Grizzlies scored 1 but knew they needed more. In the 5th inning the Grizzlies scored 2 runs as pitcher, Addy Tibbits (senior), stepped up to bat. As the Grizzlies took the field they shut down Westlake and went to score 4 more runs. The score was 7-1 when the Grizzlies received 3 outs and won the game. Pitcher Addy Tibbits struck out 5 girls throughout the game.

After the game, Gabby Lamoreaux (senior) said, “I think in the beginning it was a struggle for us to get going, but as we did we couldn’t stop. Makaiya (Gomez) was very confident and hit well which got the rally going. Addy (Tibbits) came in and scored us some more runs. I am hoping that the roll doesn’t stop here and we keep winning.”

This year the softball team has put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make it this far and don’t plan on stopping now. Next week the girls move over to Valley complex to take on the Layton High school softball team on May 22. If they win they move to play on Friday May 31, against the winner of  the Bingham v. Herriman match. As state continues, they have a game at Valley Complex at 3:30 and they would love all the support they could get.