Softball’s Comeback

Lainee Miller, Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 28, the Copper Hills High Softball team played a home game against the Maple Mountain team.The Grizzlies started off with a strong first inning shutting them down and coming in and getting 2 runs. During the second inning, the Eagles were shut down in their hitting and Copper Hills was up again, scoring another run. The Eagles were up again for hitting and go 2 runs and then shut the Grizzlies down ending the third with a score of 3-2. The fourth inning no one scored then the Eagles put 5 more up on the board during the fifth while the Grizzlies scored 2. During the sixth Maple Mountain scored 3 runs and we battled back with 2. The score at the beginning of the seventh inning was 7-10 and the Grizzlies needed to battle back the best way they could. With putting in Freshman pitcher, Makinlee Parry, they got three out with no runs scored. IT was the Grizzlies final at-bat and they needed at least 3 runs to keep this game going. With the score 8-10 Ally Bates was up to bat and hit a walk-off triple.

In the end, the Grizzlies battled back and won 11-10 in the seventh inning. So far softball has a record of 5-0 with region starting on April 2. If any fellow Grizzlies can make it to any games the softball girls have three home games the first week of April, Tuesday is against Taylorville, Thursday is against West Jordan, and Friday is again West.