Welcoming Spring With the Holi Festival

Alexa Christensen, Staff Writer

  What is the Holi festival? The Holi festival is a Hindu holiday that celebrates the arrival of spring.

  This whole festival started as a legend. The legend is that there was once a king whose name was Hiaranyakashyap, he was believed to be a demon. He wanted everyone to worship him but sadly his own son Prahlad did not; so the king ordered his sister, Holika, to kill his son. He wanted her to enter a fire with his son on her lap and because she was also believed to be a demon she could enter without taking any damage. Though she was unaware that that was untrue when she walked in and burned. What was believed to be a good back then saved Prahlad.

  The festival is celebrated to show that good won over evil, this is shown when spring overcomes winter.  This festival is very old “it’s an ancient festival with the first mentions of it dating all the way back to a fourth-century poem,” said CNN10. When asked not many people actually knew the festival by its real name many knew it as “the color festival” or “the chalk festival.” The name the color festival has become very common and widely known around the world today. Between 35,000 to 40,000 people attended the Holi festival in 2017.

  “The Holi festival is fun and a good way to spend time with friends, I have been to a Holi festival and I want to go again,” said Ariana Giampapa. Alessandra agrees with Ariana. “The Holi festival is a fun way to hang out with friends and get messy, also I have been to a festival once we threw chalk at lots of people and got lots thrown on us I got very dirty but overall it was a fun time,” said Alessandra Barcena-Caraveo.

  Not everyone has been to a Holi festival. “I have never experienced the Holi festival but I bet it is very fun,” said Maddy Gillmore. Asa also has never been to a Holi festival. “I’ve never experienced a Holi festival but it looks cool,” said Asa Kobayashi.

  This topic is not taught in schools but some students still know some history behind it. “I know its a Hindu festival that celebrates the coming of spring and love, I have never been to one but I bet I would enjoy it looks fun and exciting,” said Kylee Horstmanshoff.

  This festival has grown so much over time and it has taken turns over the years. Yet still, it continues to be a very bright and colorful festival that is celebrated all over the world.